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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Doc Love was right, you feel shit in the beginning to stand your ground and not give in. You feel like - why am I not meeting the girls I want? Why do I have to resist the temptation? Oh I am never going to meet quality girls.

Guess what? I've been through the other side of that and its an endless field full of dasies over here. It is extremely interesting how things seems totally different on hindsight. I was really upset about how some girls are AS (anti-seductive), not interested, whatever, and all I could do is to get into endless circles of why this and why that. Often, things go so well but all of a sudden, you feel like they are slipping away, you want to do more, you want to be nicer, you do more things for her, and there is NO exception that this fails every single time - you can only delay the inevitable.

But I have taken a different approach, I didn't even know that it actually helps build back attraction, but all I knew was, if it isn't working for me, I don't want it! Falcon raised some interesting questions about this mindset, questions that I have gone through many many times before and was unable to resolve it. This was because of my lack of experience, lack of proof, evidence to show me what works and what doesn't work. I have essentially been doing the same thing over and over again, hoping that it will work eventually, or that the more effort I put into it, I can work it out.

No no no no no. Wrong.

You know, girls are evil things. They do things to sabotage themselves! Or, they are natural geniuses, knowing how to screen out the chumps and pick out the champions. Whatever the reason is, I don't think we can ever find out, but empirical data shows that girls are not impressed by try hards, by compromising, nice guys. Nice guys don't know how to be nice, thats the problem. Being nice doesn't mean being an AFC, Think about it this way. Does doing something nice to a girl means you have to let her disrespect you? Knowing that a girl might tend to disrespect you, why do you allow it to happen? "But Ross, Mum told me I shouldn't care about what other people think..."

No son, false dichotomy. Bad. What has caring about what other people think has anything to do with preventing others from wasting your time? Your time is precious, your life, your energy, your health are precious. Are they important to you? Havn't thought about that much? They are certainly important for me! If I am respectful of myself and my parents, I wouldn't let jerks, or bitches, or anybody sabotage my well being. So, coming back to my point of bing a nice guy - the typical nice guy is not just a nice guy, but a dumb, whiney, little shit who makes excuses all the time.

Will a self respecting HB go out with a "Nice guy" like that? If you are a self respecting girl, will you like someone like that? Probably not. stop deluting yourself. STOP IT!

A quality guy respects himself, he UNDERSTANDS respect. Afterall, can a guy respect others if he doesn't understand what self respect means? Are you a self respecting person if you dont know what you want in life? When it comes to girls, will you totally lack direction and simply take on any bullshit they throw at you? Where is your backbone?

In contrast, guy who respect himself, a guy who knows what he wants and where his is going makes his attraction for a girl much MUCH more valuable. What is the value of a UG1 liking you huh? He likes you because you are his type, not because his is lonely or need validation, if she is not your type, you simply move on - and a girl will test you on this. They need to make sure you are not those AFC types. They need to know that you have direction in life, you do things and you let her tag along, because you like her. Not because of rituals or formalities, not because thats what people do when they date.

It explains a lot doesn't it? Hindsight is interesting isn't it? Unless you've climbed over the mountain, bare the pain, you will not be able to see the other side.


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