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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The guy who cares the least, wins

Dude, this is so true. I've been forgetting about sarging for awhile. There have been a couple of "subjects" that I have sort of abandoned, but now I LJBF-ed them.

Guess what that does? It makes them like you more! If you care not, they like you more! The thing is, you have to not care, and be truely not care - You cannot fake a friendship in hope of something happens. It really does seems like interest level on your part will stuff you up big time!

I find that it isn't even about pushing or pulling. You don't have to be nasty, you don't have to be C&F, you just have to give a vibe that you don't give a shit. Yes, you like them, you can get turned on by them, and YES, you FLAUNT that you do. Yet - you don't care. I am not talking about suppression of your feelings, I am not talking about denial of it - I am talking about you are fully aware of what women can do to you (put you in ASOC), you do not hide it, in fact, you indulge it. But you just don't care.

No agenda, no insecurities, no bullshit. This seems to be attractive. Perhaps this has to do with safety, trust, etc.

In a way, letting go allows me to do things that is supposed to be AFC-ish. But this is a new discovery for me. If you do AFC actions but come from a frame of "I just don't give a damn about it" - it is not necessarily AFC! The important thing here is to remember that you are in control, you are screening and you can turn things on and off at will. You are not bounded by rules, you know your boundries and you play by YOUR rules, YOUR reality. I can see the distinction really clearly now - It is not your action that makes you an AFC, it is your AFC ass that makes your action AFC. Where you are coming from, what is your frame is way WAY more important.

Once you are very clear on that, knowing who you are, you can be comfortably be yourself and screen out all THEIR AFC, AS (anti-seductive) behaviours! They do anything bad, you walk, they do anything bad, you cut them off and go cold, you might even want to point it out to them. Do not ever make excuses for them!

I've discovered a whole new level of seduction, a kinda slow, long term seduction.


  • At 7:19 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    And this is the approach I take from now on. Here are two things I must master:

    (1) Do not get thrown into ASOC;
    (2) MAINTAIN eye contact with a woman until SHE looks away.

    Being able to hold eye contact with a woman you've just seen at a bar, on the street ect. is a sign of supreme confidence to a woman. I need to get better at it. At the moment, I'm looking away almost immediately. No! HOLD eye contact! Wait until SHE stops looking! As long as you do it in a non-psycho way, and keep looking at her eyes, you'll be OK....

  • At 1:33 AM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    "He who cares the least, wins."

    I seem to have been thinking about that quite a bit over the last few days.

    Not caring about the outcome is all important. You see, when you care about the outcome, here is what happens:

    (1) You try too hard;
    (2) You get offended easily;
    (3) You act like somebody you are NOT;
    (4) You don't have a good time, because you are constantly distracted by the possible outcomes;
    (5) You enter a frustrating cycle where your Anti-Seductive behaviours compound and create a downward spiral into frustration.

    It's astonishing just how *futile* AS behaviour really is. It does you no favours...

    "He who cares the least, wins." I can't get that phrase out of my head.


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