The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Differences between safety and comfort

Traiditionally, lots of PU techniques are aimed at getting a girl feel comfortable. There are very little teachings on safety. Am I rebranding the same ideas?

Well, the idea of safety is necessary for me because simple comfort is not sufficient. Perhaps I am an overly paranoid person, perhaps I am a more cerebral person, I don't know but I can certain see some differences between the two.

First, comfort is more emotional. It is a feeling. Safety on the other hand, can also be a feeling, but it can be more rational. What I mean is that it is more of a facts based thing. While emotions are powerful, sometimes a "stronger" or "more willful" person can use the rational mind aginst the emotions. Safety is to exploit the rationale to turn the game around.

Second, comfort is more subconscious, while safety on the other hand can be subconscious, but it can also be conscious. Once again, this is because of the facts based nature of it. Even if you successfully put someone in trance, there are constant stimulus, thoughts or beleifs lurking around that brings consciousness into the equation. Reasoning and logic can start playing with values, weekly schedules etc. You need to cover those as well. That with everything she can think of, its still safe.

By combining safety and comfort, you minimise opportunity cost. Some people will take things that they don't really want simply because it is risk free! Take it, then think about it later!

New Target: Create a safe environment for sex

I feel like I am relatively inexpreienced with sex. When it comes down to the safety and logistic aspects of it I am a dumbass, a total ignoramus. My new target is therefore to formulate a structure that will make sexual endeavors safe.

So, I have two new resolutions:

1/. Work on Charm/Charisma, build up a social life.

2/. Work on the safety of sex.

I have many thoughts on #2, which is non structured so I will just throw them out randomly --
  • Safety on sex probably focuses on one night stands and short term, sex specific interactions (rather than a more involved relationship)

    The stage of the game with safety can be spread throughout. A hint here and there.

    Desire for sex in both parties is a pre-requisit

    People take high risks with sex these days. This means that their desire for sex outweights their sense of risks, which can be due to many reasons: dumbness, horniness etc. However, if desire is there, which I assume there is, or can be easily generated, either increasing the desire or lowering the risk (increasing safety) will get you laid.

    One must be aware of the general safety related obstacles that prevents a girl to sleep with you. You then formulate patterns to suggest that it is safe to her. In additional to that, you've got to gather information from her that is specific to the person. There might be specific circumstances, past histories, experiences that personalise their package of safety related anxiety. Target them and you make her a meal ready to be served.

    Close by providing opportunities + assuming responsibility (which on its own is a form of safety generation). Then, you've got her.

    The frame in which safety is operating under is that this is a purely sex-focused strategy. You are asking for sex and sex alone. The benefit of this is that sex is the terms and conditions that you are operating under. It is your proposal, it is an event. Nothing more. You are being real and not distracting her with anything else. (I hate people promising relationships as a disguise for sex)
  • Safety

    The idea of safety came to my thoughts when I was exploring my sexuality. At first, I identified that I am afraid of something but I could not identify what it was that I was afraid of. I felt being held back, I felt my rational mind is working very strongly with my emotion of fear. Then, I remember Gunwitch.

    In one of Gunwitch's posts, he mentioned an idea: If you are alone in a room with a moderately unattractive woman, and she persists on having sex with you -- You are quite likely to give in and have sex with her.

    This idea was originally designed to counter our insecurities of being unattractive. Many guys feel unattractive and that they don't believe that women would want to sleep with them. It was a very powerful example: It makes perfect sense and we understand how it works. Now, assuming that you are an average guy in everything. You would have a much higher chance than an unattractive man begging for sex from a woman. In a perfectly safe environment, if you persists on having sex with her and you are average, it is quite likely that she will submit to it.

    This sparked the whole new world of SAFETY for me. I begin to understand the fears I have with sex. It was a matter of safety.

    From the most superficial level: there are fear of unattractiveness, fears of rejection, fear of under-performing, fear of not living up to my appearances, fear of hurting someone, fear of the consequences of sex. Then, there are fears of diseases, there are fears of feeling guilty, fear of feeling like an animal, fear of disrespecting females, fear of the next step. And most importantly: fear of people knowing, fear of being dodgy, fear of social constraints such as friendship, harmony with co-workers, negative impact in a social circle. Fear of emotionally dependent, fear of the other person's emotional dependency. Fear of letting go values, violating ethics...

    All can be summed up as -- I can do harm in the rest of my life, which I hold dear and worked very hard to get to where I am.

    This fear of interference with the rest of my life dwarfs the desire for sex. As mentioned in some of my earlier posts, PU is a risk taking exercise. You want something but you take calculated risks to get what you want. When the risks out-weights the benefits, it is very easy to abandon the investment.

    This is fantastic because once I worked this out, two other important ideas stem from it. First, the question becomes: How can I make it safe for me? Second, that is one of the major resistence for people's acceptance in sex, and so it became a major target to focus on in a PU.

    Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    A List of new beliefs about sex

    1/. Sex is a physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual need.

    2/. Having sex is self exploration, self expression, spiritual + emotional connection and mutual appreciation.

    3/. People need others to achieve #2.

    4/. You are an excellent candidate for providing great sex because you know what you are doing.

    5/. Your first challenge is to convince your target that you are good to have sex with.

    6/. Your aim is to provide an environment that makes sex SAFE for both parties. -- Not just physical, mental or emotional health, but also social health.

    7/. Your second challenge is therefore to provide that safe environment for you and your sex partner(s).

    8/. Your next challenge is to convince your targets that it is safe to have sex with you

    Now I have to imprint these beliefs onto the back of my head before I move on :-)

    Random Monologue

    I've been exploring a lot of ideas with Falcon today. It was very constructive as usual -- I think we were experimenting with lots of ideas that is beginning to form shape and make connections. One thing that came out which I find very constructive is that we can provide sex to a woman.

    Such simple idea, yet paradoxical, but powerful, and certain. I came to a full belief that woman want sex. And woman want sex, not just with the most beautiful men. They want good sex -- from whoever it might be who can provide it.

    That is for certain. WOW.

    The question is then shifted to something else! The question becomes "How do I rid her of all inhibitions and give them what they want?" This is a major step up!

    Now, ethics: We use ethics to rationalise, as an excuse to opt out of a PU. Lets stick to this model and explore it. We are afraid, and we want out. We want to protect our ego, which is fair enough. Our rational mind pulls out the ethics card and wack it in our face. "It is wrong to pick up girls" "It is wrong to exploit girls" "It is immoral to sleep with a girl and then leave them" "How can you fuck someone you don't like just for sex?"

    Then, your rational mind kicks in another trump card "I am busy anyway" "I dont really like her that much anyway" "I dont know what to do with her anyway"

    And if you can get through those "I am above it all, I am not desparate for sex".... and it goes on. Eventually: "Oh, its too late anyways, its probably not meant to be, I will leave it to chance, If its meant to be we will meet again, I will do it next time, oh forgetaboutit" --- This is so familiar to me its not funny.

    So am I genuinely disinterested? Am I genuinely too busy? If I am really honest with myself -- Yes, they are the truth. But are they the whole truth? No, it is not the whole truth. This seems to be a problem with FALSE DICHOTOMY.

    Disinterest + Too busy != I should not pick up someone and score.

    It is illogical, it is fallacy.

    Yes, I want sex. I want it to be safe. I want it but I don't want it to interfere it with the rest of my life. The question is how. That is the right question -- How can I have sex in a safe environment that will not affect my life negatively.

    Monday, May 29, 2006


    This is kinda a rant... I feel like I am inspired a lot of times. It creates a sort of pride+insecurity, which is a bit confusing. Its like you have great visions, you believe in yourself and you are proud of your inspiration. You are full of spirit and enthusiasm. Then, your performance or result is disappointing and you beat yourself up for it.

    Maybe this is a result of not understanding yourself and your limitations? Maybe it is good because you are always giving yourself high goals to chase after? Maybe you have high standards for yourself? I don't know...

    It seems like there are only a few moments in my life that I truely feel like I live up to my expectations. Often, are those ones that just happens to me without much work. Often I've achieved before I realised it all of a sudden... unknowningly... What is this? How can I understand this?

    Enneagram based work

    I think I am a type 8 with a type 7 wing, sexual varient.

    How can I feel healthy:
  • Feel loved,
    great happiness,
    Feels doing right,
    reach a good understanding of the world around them.

  • How can I strengthen the healthy part:
  • seek truth and do the right thing,
    reach out and help others,
    observation and analysis,
    reach out to the world and find things to appreciate,
    again work hard to become strong.

  • How can I avoid unhealthy cycle:
  • Ones can refrain from correcting others and start examining self for truth, which will help Ones to do the right thing, and reduce the fear of being condemned.
    Twos can refrain from manipulating others but start to genuinely help others.
    Eights can refrain from controlling others but start to strengthen themselves instead
    Sevens can refrain from jumping into the next project, and appreciate more what they experience.
    Fives can stop their detachment from the world, and start to observe and analyze the real world more.

  • So to summaries:
    I need the freedom to have control in my life -- Time and financial independence (Major desire of type 8). There is also another fear -- I feel unsafe on earth because of all the dangers in it (Major fear of type 5). My type 7 and type 2 tendencies are under control now. I don't need to be content, as I need to strive to be better. I can accept and appreciate the process of constant self improvement. I need to study philosophy, psychology, sociology and anthropology to seek truth and be just. I need more courage to take more risks and work harder.

    I need to manage my life better--
    Bioinformatics, Enterprising, Frameworking

    Basic skills:
    Charm/Charisma, sales, marketing, management, psychology, magic, seduction negotiation, analytical, critical skills

    Things I find fun:
    Games, Reading, Dancing, Surfing, Sword fighting, Movies, shopping, rock climbing, cooking, photography.

    Others:Self improvement, Stop imposing values on others, Start accepting others and strengthen others the way they are. Be content, live the moment, get out of your head and be in the moment. Stop feeling alienated.

    I'VE FOUND IT!!!

    My mental sexual energy is derived from the essence of the word -- DIRTY. To me it is bad, it is filthy. More like -- surrender and submission to the forbidden, the tabooed. All the more exotic, alluring and sexy.


    I never had thought...

    Shit. This is fucked, my superego is too strong for it to happen! Yet it is to go against my superego that will set me free! NOOOoooo~

    Mental vs Physical Erotica

    As I was writing the post about love and hate, I noticed something about myself. My desire to fuck someone I hate, someone I am disgusted, someone I despise, is purely mental. It is not until I started thinking about the actual sex act that I start getting a physical response and before I know it -- my eraction.

    Then I thought about it more... I've fucked someone whom I get a physical response (I feel horny, I got an eraction) but do not want to fuck her mentally. This happens on one night stands a lot, in one instance, I even told the girl "I wish I never gets horny!" She asked me "why?!" and I said "Well, so that I never had to fuck anyone..." She never wanted to sleep with me since then...

    There seems to be a separation in mental sex versus physical sex. Hmmmm...

    A new outlook in life :)

    Based on the past two posts, I had this epiphany: Hate is based on love, Fear is based on desire.

    So, by definition, all the fear and hate in this world has a pre-required establishment of LOVE AND DESIRE!

    Hurray! Come fear and hate me people! HA HA, talk about coming up with new belief systems, I am a genius!

    Think about this, every time you see someone pulls their eyebrows together, wrinkling her nose... She loves you and doesn't know it yet. It is your job to make her surrender, HA.

    K, next sticking point... Remember when you are a kid, you have no rules, you are fearless, you hate nothing. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right. Fuck the snake and the apple in the garden. They are constructs. Not real. I need to find these things out and fix it.

    Love and hate

    I don't know about others, but I know for a fact that sometimes I want to fuck someone I hate so much. Many times with my ex, I would like to fuck her brains out in the middle of an argument.

    This got me thinking: Its actually not that weird. It kinda make sense... Let me explain.

    I believe that this is related to the idea of Cocky & Funny (CnF). The way CnF works is that you first stirr up your target's emotion by a neg, which puts them down, making them feel insecure (and you gaining higher value by comparison). This quickly elicit immense, powerful emotions, eventhough it is negative. The funny thing is that emotions are actually pretty simiar in that without its context, it all feels pretty much the same. Happiness feels like depression, love feels like hate etc. However, a negative emotion is usually much more powerful to induce than a positive one. Of course, this is not always the case but it is pretty much a reliable rule of thumb. Now. Since emotions are similar, and in a strong emotional state, your reasonablness goes to hell -- By switching it to a positive one, by turning it into simply a joke, not being serious, and a bit of guilt for them to over react, taking things serious etc. You inevitably turn the negative emotion into a positive one -- while retaining full potency!!!

    Now what has that got to do with my fetish confession in the beginning? Well, I believe that love and hate is kinda the same. The reason you hate someone so much could be because you also love them so much. Like Freud's idea of a daughter's hatred towards her father is stem from disappointments against a deep, overwhelming love.

    To take this further. I'd say that any negative responses towards you stem from a rooted love. The subject was probably burnt or disappointed in the past and their negativeness is a conditioned response to their past. It is a defensive mechanism. A fear of rejection, a desire for love but the fear of loosing it or unattaining it.

    To give a even more extreme analogy. Many victoms of rape actually fell in love with their rapist and became subsequent masochists. Without meaning to be offending, I believes that this is also how religion operates. By dissolving the negativeness, the subject opens up, they will surrender. They will give themselves totally up to the power of the seducer.


    I know...

    Revisiting the idea of the Enneagram

    The enneagram is a personality classification system that pigeonhole people into 9 categories based on their desires, and its annoying little sister -- FEAR. Each type of personality is no better, nor worse than any other and each have its strength and weaknesses. Within each type, one can categorise a person into another 9 states. From the most healthy to the least healthy. At the healthiest, each type will shine at their best, while unhealthy, each will exhibit destruction based on their properties.

    The interesting thing about this system is that the two extreme of "healthiness" represents the degree of FEAR. At the healthiest level, you have no fear, and you pursure purely on your desire. From the 2nd state onwards, you begin to fear the unattainability of your desire, and then even worse, your fear of loosing what you desire.

    I find that it is a pretty good model for understanding human behaviour. I begin to see how desire and fear work together to shape your impulses. We all know it, a perfectionist is afraid of not being good enough; an aggressive person is afraid of being treated like a timid person; and a pick up artist is afraid of feeling like a non-sexual being.

    Everything we do that is strong, that proves we are good, or nobel have a hint of fear. And fear depends on the existence of desires and ideals. It doesn't make sense to fear something you are ambivalent about. So, how do we achieve a state of pure desire without fear?

    Perhaps, we are all wearing those pair of magical shoes all along, that we could have gone home whenever we wanted to. Just that we don't realise it. Perhaps it takes a journey to discover this truth, that the only thing that is missing is the knowledge and our believe that we had it in us all along...

    Sunday, May 28, 2006

    Resolution: Charm and Charisma skills

    It became pretty clear that getting everyone to like you and having a good social life is a much better focus than just sarging. The experience is much richer too. The idea is to be able to command charm and charisma at will, or even subconsciously and constantly. Having the ability (knowledge, experience and skills) will enhance every aspect of my life. This is the trait I have desired for all my life. Everything else is secondary. I think it shall form the basis of me as a human being. It is the essential tool that is required to lead a happy life.

    I shall dedicate the rest of this year on this aspect. I will still sarge for fun with Falcon and my other friends. I think that certain things can only be learnt by going through the whole process of a PU. What I aim for at the end of the year is to rid of my old beliefs and relearn new beliefs, or adopt them to new usage. I will also make charm and charisma the default me. Then, I shall perferct pre-approach. Hopefully, by next year, I have a strong basis to fully exploit PU skills.

    Mind you, everyone knows that charm and charisma is still a minor part of a PU. If you can imagine a pick up artist, or an amazingly charming person who never approach, open, IOI or SOI, he is not going to be able to PU. Nonetheless, charm and charisma forms a primer. I am beginning to see the separation of ideas of seduction in terms of the short term or the long term. I will document it later.


    Fabio, it fascinates (and surprises) me that you have so much anxiety, fear and self-doubts (more than even me!?). From my point of view you seem cool, calm, collected, witty, funny etc. Lets extrapolate from this... maybe all the cool girls and so-called alpha guys we know have the same insecurities!!? I think in my case, I spend so long thinking about people rather than talking to them... I build up a warped view of them, they become perfect and untouchable in my mind (especially good looking & intelligent girls). Alpha guys also intimidate me... but maybe they are not as 'talented' and exceptional as I perceive them to be. We are intelligent enough to improve ourselves but are we brave enough?

    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    My New Phone!

    This is the Nokia 8910i. I've bought this phone on ebay. I think this is the sexiest phone ever.

    Phones these days are so plasticy and gimmicky. I hate it. I love simplicity. I love titanium. I love a phone that just work, with lots of memory for messages and a long battery. I love how the buttons are at where you thumb naturally is. This is probably the best phone out there for me.

    There are certain things that I dislike about this phone but its not too dramatic at the moment. These are: The space around the buttoms might get in your way of pressing the keys. There are no buttons revealed to do quick dials without opening the phone. The phone don't snap open but it slowly comes out.

    Other than that, sweet.

    Sticking points and things to work on

    I've worked on a large part of pre-approach. I have achieved my previous goals and objectives but since then, pre-approach has been expanded. I would like to put more time on this aspect of the game to make sure I understand every aspect of it. Things like PAIMAI and Pawning.

    I also need to learn more about Charm and Charisma. Lots of Juggler's stuff and lots of The Art of Seduction stuff. I think these things are great, it is not only good for PU, but other aspects of like like management and personal relations. This will create a much richer life and a better capabilities in connecting with people. Once I learn how to do this, everything else will be easy.

    There are also some sticking points I want to focus on. Beliefs. I need to work out what is holding me back, my values are conflicting with this part of my life and I need to resolve this conflict. I still dislike the idea of PU, sleeping with women and seducing... Oh, how on earth can I expect myself to be a PUA with these beliefs!!?

    Sigh, I still think that I believe I shouldn't be thinking about sex, I should be a nice decent boy. I should think about my work, passion, money etc. I still live my life based on thinking I am not good enough and constantly attempt to be better. I don't find myself attractive. I think I am a 4 or 5. I feel boring, I feel undesirable...

    Major, major problems!

    Random Rant:

    Things never seems to be as good as how you imagined it to be.

    They say that one can achieve anything. That is true. Its like that we can now fly -- But I bet the idea of flying on a plane like we do now is just not how they imagined it 500 years ago... it was probably more bird like and less credit card like...

    I am beginning to feel that the powers we are developing is the same. Yes, it is magic, yes, we can pull off amazing stunts. But its also demoralising, with a strong sense of being disillutioned. I really wonder how magicians do it? How do they pull off knowing the tricks? The magic is gone... Don't they get bored being repetitive? Sigh.

    I was reading the Natural Game Journals. They mentioned about how "being perfect is boring". I felt that ages ago. I find that often, it is more appealing to be a new learning than a professional. Professionals are boring to people! Kinda nerdy and too much of a perfectionist, too critical and too serious. I think this goes against the idea of charm and charisma, where people do not like feeling intimated but instead they like their own vanity. People like fun, pleasure and themselves. Do not cast a beam of light on them but a gentle glow. This sux! As geeks and nerds, we love to be good at things, we can't stand being mediocre! It is highly unpleasent and degrading to be a mediocre simply so we get more attractive. Sigh. this sux so much. Maybe there is a way aorund it...

    I need to talk to some performers. What are their mindsets? How do they inspire themselves? Actors? We need to learn more about performance. Perhaps Robert Greene is right: Seducers have a warrior's outlook in life... Perhaps I have to see it as a challenge. The seducer is immoral, they are not held back by identity... sigh... Geeks are naturally not seducers!

    Book: The Art of Seduction

    This book is highly recommended. It is highly insightful and very entertaining. Love the humour in it and the information is very useful. It is witty and it's cunning ideas open up your mind.

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    enter the Falcon

    Hey Fabio!

    While perusing your blog its been interesting to revist ideas we've discussed and see your take on our adventures together in the real world. I'm sure we'll look at these early field reports one day and laugh at our hopeless attempts at seduction. :)

    A short bit of history. Fabio and I met through a mutual friend but remained on the periphery of each other's respective radars. Then one day I heard Fabio was exploring some new techniques to pick up girls - my interest was piqued - I had to learn more. At a party, we talked late into the night about many things and I came to realise we had much in common. I had to start changing my ways if I was ever to be happy with my life. This has been a brave new world of discovery and learning... and Fabio was just the man I needed to guide me and accompany me on my journey of self improvement.

    Blue Falcon

    hey Fabio Lovers, introducing Blue Falcon

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Inner Game: Mindframe for signals

    I have been torn between different ideas on signals. Many times when I was an AFC I often eject beaus of my fears. I often make excuse as to the lack of signals for me to go for it. There are many talks of signals like IOI's or AI's or EC's, etc. There are techniques that is supposed to get you all kinds of signals. However, there are also endless talks of being always on and not caring what others think about you.

    So, should you rely on signals or should you simply - Perform?

    Here is my recent thoughts:


    One should not be dependent on IOI's. Fundamentally, one must be totally independent and it does not matter what others think of you. You are the leader and you direct everything. However, what you do can be more or less effective depending on TIMING.

    So, when do you time your actions? One of the best way of structuring timing is to do it based on feedbacks. IOI's are feedbacks. Put yourself in the other person's shoes: If you send out an IOI, you want someone to recognise it, appreciate it and reciprocate. That is the most effective time to take escalating action. That is of course, unless the IOI is fake in terms of it being a test, humouring you, or an misinterpretation.

    You should never be in the frame of "oh I can't do this until an IOI", but "Oh, an IOI... Lets turn the dial up and get a rise out of her, teehee".

    Remember, girls can be shy little critters. Sometimes the most they can do is just to drop signals here and there SUBCONSCIOUSLY (she doesn't even know it). So, my mindframe sets you into a mode to focus on the environment while at the same time, you have an always on mind frame. This is how I think about it: If you are truly confident, there is no such thing as confidence. If you know it is on, you don't question it, because its redundent! Get it?

    Day 4: Movie with Helen

    I invited Helen for lunch but then she reinvited me to her place for lunch and then a free movie at the National Gallery. It was fun. They showed Sense and Sensibility, which I liked a lot. However the sound was fucked throughout the later part of the screening so that sucked. It is kinda weird that this very english movie was directed by Ang Lee. The older sister reminded me of Amber and reminded me how I admire women like that.

    We then went through the Gallery as well and there were lots of kino. I invited her to dinner but she had obligations. She tried to cancel it but I felt bad so I made her commit to her obligations. I can feel the pressure, it is time to decide to take a direction. This made me think... It is kinda useless to hold back your move because it doesn't last very long. You might want to build tension and mystery but its kinda weird beyong 3 dates.

    I don't know, this is kinda weird. I have this problem all the time, I cannot decide... Anyway, this is an experience. Lets see what happens if I pull this shit on her for ages. teehee

    Field Report: Saturday night outing

    We went to PJ O'Reilleys and then the B bar.

    This has got to be the best sarging night I had so far. In terms of doing things right, getting good results, learning, good company and good interaction with the most beautiful girls... everything.

    Met a girl through a friend and she invited me to a Moulin Rouge themed party at PJ O'Reileys. We dressed up fully with coats, shirts, black pants and nice black shoes, complete with hats :) I don't know why we've got these in our wardrobe but I guess we kinda collect weird stuff over time. We went there and actually only a third of the people ther were dressed up. Of course we were prepared and with slight adjustments we look like normal out going guys. My wing told me that used to be more sauve but he likes to be natural these days. I agree, beinig natural, relaxed and chilled is good.

    So we said Hi to our friend and then went off sarging on our own. We hit the bar first. Immediately we saw a cute blonde ording drinks by herself, she turned around and gave us a warm smile after she saw us. NO TIME TO WASTE! Universal opener and introduced my wing. She introduced herself and asked for me name. I asked her opinions about how to wear hats and whether it looks gay or not. She giggled and chatted for awhile. Then we proceed to order our drinks. As we do, I felt a presence and my head turns naturally -- A 3 set dressed in Moulin Rouge dresses was at the bar and one of them gave the warmest EC. I smile, she smiled, instant rapport. I gave her a cute wave and she did the same so I opened her with "Hello X-) I am Fabio". After a few exchanges, we were on an island immediately but I had to look after my friend so I ejected and said "nice meeting you, I'll catch up with you later"

    We sat down and studied the venue. My friend came around to talk to me for awhile and then returned to her group. Then, we worked out that if we hang out with a whole bunch of empty seats next to us, we will get some people to sit there. And we did. The 3 set we talked to earlier came back and we started talking to them. Two of them actually got a bit bitchy so we ditched them and talk to the nice one. It was fun and she was entertaining. Soon after, my friend rejoined us and we were a happy group of 4, enjoying each other's company. The 2 bitches in the original 3 set gave us the dirty look and left the table so eventually her friend had to go find them. I then focused on sarging my friend. She has read The Game so she knows about sarging, but she opened up to my sarges and were dropping IOI's all over. At some point, I felt rapport was there so I Kino-ed. Immediately, she heavy kinoed back! We talked about relationships and touching etc.

    We then took a break and did our own thing. After awhile, we wanted to go so we left. I said bye to her and didn't number close (she already had my number). Guess thats good enough. We then went to the B bar and there was a queue outside. That put me off. On top of that, last weeks experience at Minques put me off people who are all dressed up, and at the B bar, people were even more dressed up. I was intimidated, yet I put up with a confident frame as my wing wanted to go in there...

    We were peacocking at the queue, being loud, making comments and jokes etc. I think both the girls in front and after were tunning in for that. There were a few EC w/ smiles to us through out and they were giving AI's. However we totally ignored them. When it was time to get in, we let the girls come through with us and I joked about them buying me a drink, which they seemed happy with... hmmm.

    We got in and man, it was a pretty cool place, Minques dulls compared to this bar. What I previously considered 9's were 7's now and my new standard of what a 9 is has just been redefined. Not only that, there weren't any attitude in there and people are much more opened! It is what they called "very melboune like".

    I proceed to peacock on the dance floor. As we got there, it was pretty empty, literally with only me and my wing. We started talking and dancing and I felt eyes on me all over so instead of freaking out, I performed! I danced like I was in alone in my room. Before I knew it, everyone was around me, girls were cheering, heads were turning. It worked, IOI's and AI's were everywhere. It was fantastic. That was when I realised, when AI's are there, you've got to do something, you are under pressure to do so. Otherwise you miss the window of opportunity and the consequences are disasterous. Instead of doing something about it. I freaked out and ejected. As I walk past the girls, I pretend to smack their asses (in a fun way) and they were all cheering and shit... sheese...

    Later, my wing got rather uncomfortable so we sat down. There was a HB8 next to us and she had a small bunch of flowers that I thought were fake. She kept sniffing it though so I opened her with "Isn't that fake?". I made a few jokes, she played along and gave me a bit of the flower (As well as her friends) and I stick it in my pocket. WOW. That was the first time ever, that a girl gave me flower! teehee.

    Later, we had a couple more openinges with HB8, 9's but we were getting too intimated and at the end we left.

    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    Field Report: Friday night outing

    We went out again on friday night. It started off with Happy hours at work, then the ANU Unibar, then All Bar nun and finally Minques (spelling).

    It was a bad day. I had a good energy and was happy for the first part of the day but then it all fell down at around 3 o'clock. I went to the happy hour drink to get pissed. Immediately, I approached Sharyn. Sharyn is one of the cooler chicks. At first she was a little uncomfortable but I persisted and got over that. We started talking lots and happily making a good emotional hook. then, this girl Vicky approached me. Vicky was nice but I've only manage to talk to her once. I thought she didn't really like me that much so I was surprised. She brough over this guy friend of hers who appeared to be very "close" to her, perhaps she was social prooving... Anyway, I was being inclusive and started talking about dreams -- one of my favourite topics. I am still not very good at handling groups. I was not a good enough listener and too much of a performer. And when I try to not be a performer, I cannot hold a dominant position. Once again, this should become another sticking point. Soon, the group grew too large and I freaked out. I freaked out and ejected. After I came back, the group was dissolved, I guess I was the glue afterall.

    I started interacting with Vicky and my sarging friends came along short after. Later, I gather to join my other friends at the ANUbar. The ANU bar was fun too. We plaied pools with my friends, and had a generally good night out. I've made a good, fun interaction with Vicky. She made me talk to some strangers and we talked about secrets, playing other games etc. It was fun. I think I've got her attention.

    We then dispersed and the sarging bunch went to All Bar Nun. Its exceptionally quiet, but our presence was felt. EC's everywhere. I think head turning EC's are pretty reliable signs. I was drinking while my friends worked out the courage to sarge this 3 set. They were on their way out and told my friends that they were going to Minques. We continued to drink a bit at the bar till last drinks and then we went to Minques.

    Minques is a dance club with lots of younger people. There were a bit of attitude and people weren't open to interacting. We lost one of our friends there and we were too worried to stay, so we just went home. My friend opened about 5 girls while I opened none. It wasn't the scene for me. The girls were 9's there, very hot. But they weren't for me. I believe that friday nights are not so easy for picking up.

    Technique Vibing

    I have forgotten about vibing. Reading the natural game journal and watching the advanced DYD videos reminded me of that. So this week, I have been vibing. I believe that there is a part of me that is naturally attractive to girls. I am not sure if I've found that yet, but I think if I am relaxed and live in the moment, it tends to be the most effective. The key is to be comfortable in your own skin and a very strong devil may care attitude. Not so much Rakish, but a toned down version of it. Did that make sense?

    Being comfortable in your own skin, enjoying yourself and having fun are the fundamentals of a PUA. Of course arrogant bastards also share such common trait, it is tempting to be complacent about your standards (whether on yourself or others) to gain these fundamentals, but I think you don't have to.

    You can be comfortable, enjoying yourself and having fun without being arrogant, ignorant and tasteless. The next thing to do is to exude a magnetic vibe. Your behaviours and appearance are dazzling.

    You are the life, you are the warmth, you are the light of everything around you.

    I believe that these are the absolute essential qualities one must have to be successful in this area.

    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    Field Report: Saturday night outing

    We went to the Wig and Pen, then a bollywood dance night at the Holy Grail in Civic.

    The wig and pen is a rather difficult place to work because of the layout once again, it encourages clicky groups just like the ANU bar. This is perfect for hangout out with your friends but then people are too closed in. There are generally not enough seats and not enough space to stand.

    These shall become future sticking points: How to deal with this environment and how to position yourself the best.

    We've worked out that being alpha is very important, you do what you want, you lead the group to walk, you walk off to wherever and don't care about what happens to your group. This worked wonders on group dynamics. Let them do what they want to while providing them options to do so. I personally think if they choose to be around you, then, you'd have to reward them for doing so afterwards. Encourage future behaviour like that.

    Future sticking points: learn how to AMOG, learn how to defuse attacks, learn how to ignore at appropriate points.

    Then we went to the boloywood night. We had a good energy to begin with as we were looking forward to it. As soon as I got in, I half danced towards to toilet through the dance floor. A girl immediately stopped me and started dancing in front of me, rubbing her boobies on me. I was like: "Fuck yeah, this is a great party".

    I went back and started dancing with my friends. One of our friends who was an indian girl had to go somewhere else because of peer pressure ditched her friends to come dance with us which was fantastic. However, we snobed her a bit. We moved around the dance floor and danced like no one was watching. Indian music is energetic and sexy. I loved it and everyone was so into it. There were many hot chicks of all races, I'd say its a ~7 venue. At first, we were a bit frustrated and we did Alfieing on girls, they responded by they do not really hold eye contact. I believe that is just how indians were. After awhile, we were sick of other "cool guys" flirting and chatting up the girls so we just started dancing like mad, enjoying ourselves fully.

    Soon after that, we started getting proximity of groups of girls around us. They try to hide the fact that they were watching but they WERE WATCHING US. we had 3 groups that just attached to us wherever we moved to. My friend was telling me how come girls were checking me out as he was teaching me an indian dance move (moving shoulders). Then, this girl lifted me arms as she walked past me from behind and a HB7 said sorry to me. They then proceeded to stick around us, EC-ing us for ages.

    Then we got tired and were Alfieing at the bar. All of a sudden, those girls barged in between me and my friends. What aggresive girls! I opened them but the music was too loud to talk so I ejected. They didn't like that and moved on. Soon, we went back to the dance floor and we were dancing like mad again. This was were the most incredible thing happened to me. This really hot indian girl just forced her way in between me and my friends and started grinding her body onto me! Her friends soon moved in also to dance with her. At first I wasn't sure what was going on but then she was fully forcing her ass onto me so I started doing the same to her. It was so high I was dancing like mad. I then grabbed her waist and told her she was a good dancer. Strangely, she walked away! ... Man, I don't get girls, I just don't understand it. Then, we left to go home joyfully, very excited about what happened there. Its well worth that $20 bucks cover charge :-D

    Field Report: Friday night outing

    Its Friday night and there were drinks with Adele and then a Jazz night. After the jazz night we went to the city and headed to three pubs.

    The Jazz night was good. I opened two girls and got an emotional hook on Mel, a girl who helped out with the food in it. I got her to perform, I got her to try to entertain me. I was rewarding her, kinoing etc. It worked really well.

    I could talk to people and I could get people to notice me. I made a few friends and tend to be able to attract people to talk to me. That is success.

    However, it wasn't so successful after that. We went to the Civic Pub and it was way below optimal. The ratio of boys to girls were 9:1 and the quality was low. I was able to attract some girls to hang around with us but they were not so hot. I talked to one of my friends and it was good emotional hook. loved that.

    Otherwise, couldn't do much.

    As last attempts, I went to the phoenix and King O'Malleys but it was shit. Everyone were too clicky. It was the first time when I started to notice more environmental factors that can be highly influential in your success: Day of the week, Venue layout, sex ratios, positioning and proximity.

    Oh yeah, and -- Drinking is bad for sarging...

    Technique: Mini openings

    This is part of a routine I do now which I designed to build social proof. The idea is that sometimes, forcing yourself into a more committed interaction isn't the best thing to do. To be safe and have a general approach, I've adopted the mini-opening. What you do is to generate a non-commital approach to a small interaction. Generally, you'd be performing a task, an excuse really, to interact, but it is purely as is -- if you let it be. What I mean is, the worse that can happen is that you've perform that task, but if you can pull off more, then, you can take it a bit further.

    However, this is a MINI opening. You do your thing, say its nice meeting them, cheers and you walk. You leave on a high note. The interaction should not last more than a few exchanges. You walk and you carry on with someone else. And you do your rounds.

    At some point, that's enough and you can start your real openings or re opening some old sets. You can't do too much of this because you'd end up looking like a looser jumping around foolishly. If done right, this is a much more powerful way to get people into their comfort zones and get yourself into a real interaction.

    The rule here is: You initiate, guide and provide opportunities, but you never force.

    Movie: Alfie

    New word of the day: Resilience -- The ability to readily recover after disappointment or loss. Capacity to springback.

    Whenever you meet a beautiful women, just remember: Somewhere there is a bloke who is sick of shaging her.

    And when it comes to shagging birds, it all comes down to one thing: Location Location Location


    Since my last vow on being friendly and talking to everyone. Being inclusive etc. I have been putting the idea sort of into practice. There are a few things I've discovered, and a few things I've changed on the way.

    First, I stopped drinking. I find drinking stuff me up badly. I loose judgement, I wanted to pee, I feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and at some stage, it ruins my confidence.

    The attitude that I am just being friendly and enjoyin myself feels good. You don't feel sleesy, you have a task that is perfectly normal and neutral. It lets you be more fun, enjoy yourself more. You can be genuine in the thing you do and you project a fantastic energy. People notice it. Have a sense of self satisfaction and confidence. At the same time you respect and adores the people around you.

    I think this is the right energy to harness for AI. My AI have been going well since. However, I feel like I lack structure. without structure, it is hard to follow through with events. I did not know where to lead. I will, however, work more on what I am doing, refining my energy. I am going to combine DYD's types of attractive guys with the types of seducers from the art of seductio. I will choose a primary one and add in a secondary and tertary... sort of my view of who I want to be. And then, I will refine and project that energy.

    Projecting energy takes care of a lot of the AI. However there are still some technical guideline. Be at the most visible place. Be at the best vintage point. Make eye contact (Alfieing). CHARM CHARM CHARM. Make friends and talk to them. Associate with groups.

    I have learnt how important positioning is. Both positioning yourself and seeing how others positioning themselves are interesting. Positioning is probably the step before approaching.

    You approach when it is the right time to approach. You have to make it as natural as possible, do not intrude.

    Typically, I open up 2-5 sets per night, and roughly the same for mini openings

    Saturday, May 13, 2006

    Random Rant:

    Problem with picking up Indian chicks, well, all chicks really, is that I cannot remember their name at all!

    A Dance club makes it very difficult to talk. It fucks me off not being able to have a decent conversation.

    Having a sorethroat sux.

    Competitive fucks are annoying.

    sleezy bastards fucks me off.

    I hate people with no class, no style and no elegance.

    It is so important to know how to interact with dancing, and I dont know it! ARRG.

    I do not have experience with social dynamics!

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Field Report: Helen Day 3

    Helen made a time with me for dinner this wednesday. I didn't find her to be that attractive this time around. She was being a bit girly which I dislike. She was showing a bit of negative energy too.

    However, we went to my place and she was impressed with my room, just like everyone else did. I saw her ass and she's got a cute ass, I wanted to play with it :p

    I dimmed down my lights and talked to her. I took my glasses off so I couldn't see her. We talked and talked and I can see her being attracted to me, unfortunately though, it wasnt mutual. I then pretend to be bored and went to sleep, she came over and put a pillow over me to suffocate me. I grabed her by her weist and then she moved away, saying "You know, it is forbidden to bring partners to stay overnight in colleges"

    HA HA HA. Well, its pretty clear isn't it? I just said "OMG, what am I going to do now?" she said "Well, people break the rules, particularly the senior residents!"

    We then went down to have coffee and watched TV, we sat touching each other and then I drove her home. She looked at me in the eyes, paused as we were outside her house. I did nothing and she ran off into her house.

    Thats cute :)

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Technique: The Vacuum

    I tried putting vacuums on people before. And it didn't work as expected. However, I don't think it is the vacuum itself that was ineffective, but the construction of it that led to failure.

    Point 1:
    A vacuum is designed to make the other person uncomfortbale in avoiding the interaction with you. You conor them into submission by making them feel anxios of not answering you, kinda guilt driven. However, you must make sure that she is isolated before you put a vacuum on anyone! This is because the subject will turn to a distraction (perhaps a friend, a news paper etc) for an easy way out! It they find an easy way out. they will use it and she will win. Although she would seem a bit bitchy, but you look even more uglier!

    Point 2:
    Since a vacuum is designed to force a subject into an interaction. It would be nicer on your part to make it feels safe to comply. If the suject feels like the interaction will be too heavy/intense/threatening/burdening, you are not doing yourself a favour.

    Point 3:
    The vacuum is to direct someone into an interaction, it is not, in itself an invitation to commit. The goal is to by-pass the barriers. So, remove any sense of commitment in the vacuum and therefore the subject feels a lot more comfortable. Make it light and fun. Use SS stuff to bypass the critical factor.

    Point 4:
    POST VACUUM -- Since the subject is pressured to some degree into a conversation, you need to reward her for her efforts and build more trust. Otherwise, teh vacuum only makes her feel self conscious, shields up again...

    Point 5:
    If this succeed, you can begin to set up the social hook

    Theory: The eary game

    The early part of the game is more intricate than I thought. They say that first impression lasts, and it make sense to make the most out of it before the other person decided an impression on you. It seems that there are actually more work to be done in the first few moments of an interaction than then rest. And yes, everything you do right make things easier later on so it is CRITICAL to do it right early on.

    Theory: Being a listener still hold

    I was disappointed with the idea of being a great listener. I thought being a listener will solve all problems because you can gather information about people, being understanding and connection. The problem was: You cannot be a listener if you are not given a chance! It felt as if the listening part is in the connection bit and the earlier bit just doesn't require it.

    I thought, the early game requires "performance".

    Well, I am probably wrong. Simply assuming the role of a listener is NOT ENOUGH. You need the skills to be a listener. I'd argue that not only girls, but also guys are very cryptic when they first interact with you. I don't mean that they do it in a conscious level. What I mean is that people try to say something light, but whatever they say always have an undercurrent to it, a slight glimpse of their personality, their inner self. Often, I focus on the literal words too... um, literally. I need to be a better listener. What are they ACTUALLY saying? They project their personality and you need to capture that. The difference between a chump and a PUA at this point is probably whether you really GET the messages or not.

    STOP DRINKING! START LISTENING! Get out of your own head!

    A vow

    For every woman I talk to, I shall talk to a man. For now I would not proceed my study with seduction unless I can be an absolute social person. I want to be friend to all, I want to connect to all. I want to be a good, attractive person, to ALL not just to women. I don't want to be a lover only, I want to be a good person. A loveable person.

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Lesson Learnt: Be non-commital

    After a lot of heartache on my failures, I figured something important. From all the stuff I read, the pre-approach is very light and non-committed! I have totally missed that part of the story!

    What I tried to do is to jump in and open>fluff... Now, that was NOT what I was trying to practice. I was trying to get AI, approach invitation. Now Juggler/Johnny Savior, David DeAngelo and a whole lot of others mentioned just being playful, make a few fun things and leave! LEAVE! I didn't -- I staied! FUCK.

    Now, to commit isn't such a crime but it was inappropriate because social proof was weak, it was NOT AI / pre-approach practice. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Be light, play and move on. Socialise with lots of guys! GUYS! I went straight for the girls! Aiiiiii.... Wrong Wrong Wrong.

    So, I will have to do this again, that is, to AI, work on the pre-approach. Pawn more, build more social proof. Be light, do not commit. I.e., Socialise, meet people, sarge guys, pawn. There will be enough room to practice this, being congruent etc. If I can sarge guys to e-commit. That would be my first step. Sticking point #1. Remember to get girls to approach you. Don't approach or commit to them. That is for another practice.

    There was this concern: A girl thinking "oh my god, maybe I shouldn't be commiting to this interaction/OMG, how can I get ride of this guy, I dont want to be stuck with him". Let it be light, or create a false time constraint.

    Being fun and playful is good and all, but not everyone is playful/fun. It kills your ego if you encounter a cold one like that. Perhaps later I would have the skills to spark up the ice-queens but for now, stay away from them. So, what you have to do is to be fun and playful but keep it absolutely short and non-committed. If they respond well, like they give you a follow up comment, then commit to give them a chance to interact with you.

    Field Report: Sarging session with Falcon

    Last Friday, I finally went out into the field. The goal: Approach Invitation. For the first time, I was winging someone.

    It was kinda a good setting at first, but it turned a bit sour after awhile. First, we had a friend Matt who joined us which was cool but he quickly pissed off because he had a cold and he didn't feel so good. So that was a bit of a bummer. Then, I knew a few people around which made things easier coz it could be used as a backup or social proof. But one of them turned into a clock block and were spreading rumours of me, telling others I am a dodgy bastard trying to pick up. Third, I opened two sets with two cold women in each, blowing me off pretty ruthlessly. Sigh, my ego was hurt.

    BUT NO MATTER! No pain, no gain. And indeed, I gained.

    I had in my mind a couple of things I wanted to try. First, my Tom Cruise opener: "Hi, I am Tom Cruise and this is my wing man Brad Pitt" -- It worked like a charm as an opener on its own. I opened a 6 set with this and immediately, every girl exchanged their names as celebrity, there were gigglings and it was a good fun vibe. However, I am in-congruent with my approach: Shit I know nothing about celebrities and I didnt think about what to follow up with! It was purely an opener on its own. Oh well, I learnt that lesson painfully: The Alpha blew me off harsly by looking at me like I am leaning in too close and then, walking off to get drinks, ignoring me. It was a pretty bad blow socially and I felt so socially dis-proved that I didn't give anyone else another try. Lucky, I had friends to my rescue, as well as my winger. :)

    The alpha of the same group had an empty seat next to her when I came back from drinks and she hurried a friend to sit next to her when she saw me coming back to my friends (so that I didn't have a chance to sit next to her!) Oh gosh, why can't they be easy on me. Next time I am going to play with that behaviour up, but what I did was -- I told my wing to talk to her friend and they hit it off nicely, except he didn't close, he got a social commitment but couldn't elevate it to the emotional hook so it died off.

    Then, I saw a girl standing by herself bored for ages and ages so I suggested my winger to approach her. I used the "Hey, have you met my friend Felcon?" She looked at me like a weirdo, but my good wing man handelled it well and at least, I sacrisfy myself for an opener for my wing. The girl tried to blow me off by saying shes just listening to music and that she is not alone. I neged her: "Well, your friends are no where to be found entertaining you". A guy suddenly appear out of no where and gave me a look. I introduced myself, shaked hands to isolate my wing and the target. But he lost it -- they all had to go all of a sudden... Oh well.

    Between these, I approached two of my friend's friends. I wasn't hitting on them but I was trying to open and get a social hook. Which I failed miserably. I tried the "Hey, you want to talk to me?" on one and the other "Hey, why don't you come over here and talk to me?". One said she wanted to talk to her other friend which she hadn't spoken for ages while the other one just ignored me, as if I didn't exist! WOW. Fuck that.

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Resources: Download materials

    I accidentally downloaded a PDF of The Game by Neil Strauss. What I did was I was searching for PAIMAI in Google. I click on a link and it was a PDF of the book! Inspired. I set out to collect all the books I want and amongst them, I wanted the book by Robert Greene, The art of seduction.

    During the search I came across many downloads for various seduction ebooks! I have downloaded everything I've found, NLP stuff, seminar notes, Ross Jeffries, David DeAngelo, Major Mark...etc. Good Stuff. It must have been 300+ articles and 200mb of material. GOSH!

    I did not find the art of seduction as an ebook. But I've got MP3's of audiobook. I listened to it all night and found it fascinating! Its mind blowingly amazing! The narrator is so cool and I loved the concepts. Highly recommended.

    Field Report: Helen day 2

    Helen called me up 2 days ago and wanted to watch a movie with me. So I went along but god damn, I totally forgot about a prior arrangement with someone else.

    This clearly shows how weak we are as human beings. I lost my mind. I was just reacting to my instincts. I was fully flirting, sending out subtle sexual messages: being a gigolo, chatting up people etc. Also communicated that I am not a nice guy: I am selfish, wont provide "services", I am poor etc.

    During the movie, we gained rapport and we communicated with body gestures all through out. AND THAT'S SEXY! I can't believe it. I wanted to grab her. She leaned in, touches me on my arm, looks at me deeply etc. She moved in and arranged another date for next week, which I said yes.

    Hmmmm, she sure knows how to seduce me. It works, I thought about fucking her all night. My head feels ecstasy and my pupils dilated... I had desire for her.

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Article from TheAsianPlayboy.com

    I don't deny it used to be a limiting belief of mine, but with every new HB I kiss clos or sleep with the limiting belief diminishes. If I somehow get a bad result, it's easier to blame it on my race/looks esp since it's one of the easiest things to blame it on (such as getting bad grades, it's easierto blame it on me not being smart enough, or being unlucky in the exam, or the teacher being biased vs. me simply not doing enough work). Now I'd rather just say it's because my game is not tight enough if I am not getting results I want.

    Sure, racism exists, and there WILL be some girls who have no interest in certain races, just as some white guys not interested in black girls, or asian guys not interested in latino women, or even white girls notinterested in white guys. This is INEVITABLE, and is HUMAN NATURE. But time and time over, the top dawgs are still managing to plow through this social limitation based on their skillset to pull and defy this, showing how powerful a strong skillset can come in hand.

    It's easier to work at something that you can do something about. There's nothing you can do about your race except embrace it and make the most of it. I know how you feel if you think that it's a limitation because it was my biggest limiting belief when I first found the community, and now, still occasionally (WAY less) does because it's imprinted in my head since I was a kid, but that makes me even want to get a bigger skillset to make me STAND OUT from the rest.

    The main thing about Asians is probably us being stereotyped into asexual, small penis, bad english, touristy, cowardly, intelligent, stingy, nonthreatening, etc. So the way to convey would be to be SEXUAL (something I personally still need to work on as I definitely don't nonverbally show this shit as much as I should), I even joke about a small penis (I had a girl yesterday ask if I got a big dick and I threw the ijjjji line and it worked wonders, but I'm careful to use this DLV because of the stereotype). Confidence, good english, being local, strong will break the stereotype and the fact that you're UNIQUE makes them think you're SPECIAL.

    It's like peacocking. Because you're so DIFFERENT and cartoony the chicks will think you MUST be a celeb of some sort. I think when i go to A crowd venues and sound american and open girls confidently that alone makes them think 'he must be someone money, rich.. etc'.

    The advantage of being Asian is being able to slip under the radar so there are advantages of being non threatening. Hoobie and I discussed this briefly before. I do find that I open better than my wings, but whether that's my race or skill.. I'd rather attribute it to my skillset :)

    Only thing I disagree is that American chicks are harder to PU than European / non Americans if you're Asian. American chicks are more open to Asians IMO because there are ALOT more Asians there than over here especially in Cali. Asians in the states are mostly Asian Americans so they are also westernized. Asians here (or Oreintals since Asians are indians/pakistanis here) most of them anyway, do fall into the stereotype of working in chinese restaurants or are tourists. It's annoying at times but fuck, what can you do about it. In fact, it makes you look like the most money asian guy they've ever met. I had an American chick just recently climb all over me within 2 minutes when I was helping my wing out in a split set and she said that alot of American chicks love Asian guys. They said probably more than European chicks, since theirs the whole Royal Hierarchy of blonde hair blue eyes and the tall, dark handsome italian stereotypes more prevalent here.

    What I DO agree about is that if you have TOURISTS from europe visiting it's easier to PU. Just as American tourists here in the UK, probably. I also find the game working better on American chicks because they are more responsive and have more to say back therefore making the whole game feistier in general. It still works here beause the culture is literally very similar, just that people here have a different social vibe.


    The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you.

    A common question I get is, "I'm ____ race, can I get ____ race of women?

    Just last weekend, I had a student ask an interesting question. He was a cool guy, decent looks, good style. And yet he asked me.

    "Can I get white women even though I'm Asian?"

    I was blown away - and I told him of course he could, but he had to have a stronger image than something generic.

    My image is not 'white'. If the first thing a woman thought when she saw me was 'This guys is white', then I'd be in trouble. I'd be super-boring.

    Think typical 'suburban guy'. I don't have a suburban guy image.

    The thing is, Caucasian is the majority in America. If you're Cauasian in America, any image is stronger than the fact you're white.

    Wheareas if you're another race, it might be a stronger image.

    This works for and against some races that are stereotypicall as being powerful and masculine.

    But what if you're not one of those? The sad reality is that some races have stereotypes attached to them in certain places.

    Here's what you need:

    The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you.

    I used to work out at a gym that had guys that looked to be Triads in them. Y'know, Chinese mafia. Ripped, dragon-tattooed guys, shaved heads, hot girlfriends and luxury cars and nice clothes and a 'Don't mess with me' look.

    When any woman looked at one of those guys, she didn't 'He's Asian.' She thought 'He's powerful' or 'He's a gangster' or 'He's buff.'

    As an example, let's compare two Chinese guys I knew. One went to the gym. He was about 5"5, but he was "jacked." Muscles upon muscles.

    They called him 'the bull.' No joke. I called him 'el toro' very, very respectfully. This guy had women all over him - black, white, latin, and of course Asian as well.

    On the other hand, I knew a Chinese computer-programmer. He had thick glasses and wore frumpled clothing and slouched over.

    He had no image, so women would lump him into the category of 'asexual Asian guy' - They'd buy into the stereotype that he's asexual, because -

    The image he put forward was not stronger than the negative stereotypes around him. When I told this to my Asian student last weekend, he started to 'get it.' By the end of his program, he was picking up girls of various races normally.

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Technique: SOI with soul gazing

    when your subject is ready, you catch their eyes, you gain eye contact rapport and eventually, you will peak and that eye contact will spark a fire, thunderous electricity! You have gazed into their heart, and her into yours. That is a SOI you can use, and it is perfectly innocent. It is sexy. It is powerful. Girls love it. I shall call it soul gazing.

    Ok, plan:
    I will use soul gazing as my initial SOI, immediately followed by fractionation. This marks the beginning of escalation. Frameshift and kino comes in here and after three kino's I shall physical isolate. Physical isolation marks the beginning of another fractionation. Shift to gear two Kino.

    Concept: Boys and Girls are the same

    I think that on a fundamental level, guys and gals are the same internally. I believe that there are more nurture than nature. If you can undersand yourself, you'd understand girls better. Think "people behaviours" instead of "female behaviours"! It is how the world dictates us that makes us different. Expectation of a boy vs a girl. Gunwitch made a good point when he said --

  • Say all of a sudden men & women reversed roles and
    men still had the same horniness but for some fucked up reason aren't
    allowed to utter a word or be blatant or direct about how they meet &
    attract women. Say you're a PUA and someone told you that you had to go
    PU chicks (consciously or unconsciously) without initiating the
    conversations, without initiating kino, without the ability to
    *communicate* on those levels unless a chick strikes up a convo with you
    first. Also, you're not allowed to go to bars or clubs to do PU because
    there will be conflicts between AI and peacocking (confused signals -
    very inefficient). What would you do? Shit, you're horny as hell,
    you've got to do something! Well, first you would pick public places to
    go that are bound to have lots of people which are constantly recycling,
    a place where topics for conversation are plentiful, and places where
    interesting and available chicks might go. Then, you would do subtle
    things around them which would attempt to get their attention, just
    enough to get an initial comment or reaction - your open door. Now you
    know what it's like when chicks are on the "hunt" (again, consciously or
    unconsciously). This is how chicks do their PU. It's a lot like how
    AFCs try to do PU. They don't (LOL) although they think they're doing
    all they can (which they aren't).